trying to get this short around 3.1. short , if you are not sure you short the front and by the back
Mar 26
Commento: play safe with this one, I just got a reversing signal, so I maybe exiting early
Mar 28
Commento: This trade did not give me enough pressure to exit so held on and now we are sitting on a 505 ROC, so will put at stop at 25% to preserve the profit
Apr 02
Commento: almost 100% ROC on this trade so manage your trade, i am down to one pair
Apr 04
Trade chiuso: obiettivo raggiunto: This trade i will still hold but anytime a trade in a few days gives you over 50% return on your buying power used I think has done its job so no more commentary from me is required, so good luck and manage well
Apr 06
Commento: I know very few people watch these calendar trades, but this one is now giving 100% return on capital, and stop is now protecting it at 90%
Apr 06
Commento: moving stop into even more profit, this thing is ripping hard, so stop is at 2.12
Apr 09
Commento: closed not at trail stop,
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