#DXY Idea 28/10/2019 for the incoming Week.

TVC:DXY   Indice Dollaro americano
Well, that's my first post here and I actually have no clue about why I decided to go "Social" with my analysis.
Having Said that, I will try to make this as short and clear as I can.

We are going through such an important Week.
FED's Rate decision, fear of a global economic recession that also sees the Industrial sector slowing down.

In case the Fed is not going to cut the rates, to push the economy more, it will be possible to see a huge selloff into the Stock Market.
Selloff, which is not going to last for a long time.
In fact, I still am of the idea that the Stock Indexes, in particular the #DJIA, is about to make another ATH .
It simply is not going to make it right now.

What I would like to see (to prove my theory, that's a theory after all), is a huge selloff that sees the #DJIA crashing and consolidating around the area 25500/26000, and then, maybe, there could be a rush to another ATH .

Please mind, that when Stock investors are feared about investing into stocks, they tend to appreciate more liquidity.

So, that's why I see a short term upmove for the Dollar Currency, before continuing with the Downtrend Bias.

As I said, and sorry if I repeat myself, this is just my personal Idea and what I am putting my money into.
I might, and I'm sure I am, be wrong.

Peace and Love,
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