ETH/USD Bulish Pattern 4H - Schiff Pitchfork

COINBASE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollaro
Ill think $ethusd can touch soon easily the maximum history price (and problably resistance) @ 400usd.
The news from ethereum confirm can continue this bullish trend in the next 15days cause ETHEREUM the 8th August touch the 318.000 transaction in the 24h, so strange cause we don't have important ico's in this month. We can imagine soon can touch 400.000/500.000 daily transactions.

Trading plan - Risk/Reward 1.91
Price enter: 300.00
Take profit: 398.00
Stop loss: 240.00

any comment is appreciated. thx!
Commento: continue a positive period of ethereum, next little resistance @330.00
Trade attivo: 395 is the goal... now we are @350.00
Trade chiuso manualmente: CLOSED TRADE @389.00


@Lillyvr eh spesso bisogna stare e seguire grafici proprio per questo motivo, io fortunatamente son uscito 389. prima del crollo perchè avevo notato qualche incertezza. poi ovviamente news dalla cina hanno fatto crollare tutto.
Lillyvr LucaMoretto
@LucaMoretto, hai ragione!. Sono neofita in questo settore perciò dovrò farmi i calli ;-) aimè
Ciao Luca! Ieri è arrivato a 394. Avevo messo il T.P a 395...non c'è l'ho fatta per poco!.
like a personal poinment... at what price you think eth has the capability to arrive?
LucaMoretto Marsales
@Marsales, depends. short or long term? i think in a short term (September) ETH can reach the 400usd. A lot of good news.
Marsales LucaMoretto
@LucaMoretto, my friend, god hears you.... i have waiting for a month, i really hope the best....