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Commento: What will be our strategy here?
We have an idea, but we have to wait for confirmation: monitor closing Monday and Tuesday's Asian session. In this time, we have to follow next 2 swings on H1.
Rule # 1: don't anticipate the market.

Commento: ABOUT 250 PIPS UP, AT THE MOMENT.....

Commento: The most interesting movement (bullish) has been made, the trend remains bullish on WTF, then, we need to continue our analysis on lower time frames. Our signal (bullish) has reached the first level perfectly. The next 2-3 weeks will be very important to understand the next movement about eurjpy.
Thank you for your support and trade with care!
Commento: the support!!
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I think it will 1st have a rebounce on 121.62 and than hit the "D" target.
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SignalSwiss MaikelSchreursFernandez
agree..... :)
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mshinawi SignalSwiss
What I figured out, that we have to wait for confirmation to follow one of two scenarios. 1. If bounce from here, then long to the bullish target area (121-124); or 2. If confirmed breaking the 110.49 then short to bearish target (ABCD).
But anyway, we need to wait for Monday and Tue. Asian session to get the confirmation.
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I don't know how you have spot the reverse, but it works !!! I would have placed it at 107. Very good analyse !
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very nice!!!
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So you think 1st will be reached "D" target or bounce from 110,50 ?
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huan99 analitykFX
I think he means it can go up or down from the D target 110.49, so it is the breaking point. I wonder thought, he calls the downtrend a bearish target, but he has no name for the uptrend?
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There will be more consolidations and waiting for A shares forming second top.
Victor.Y.F Victor.Y.F
It's replicating 2014-2015-2016 for reaching 2% inflation target. In Oct. 2014 EJ from 135-150 about 1500 pips now Oct.2016 from 110-125 then the second A shares crashing. After that crashing EJ should reach 100-102 in 2018 we should have BOJ forex intervention permission from G8, 2011 plus 7 years a cycle completion.
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