Air transport and therapeutic Cannabis. All are still affordable

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Air transport and therapeutic Cannabis. All are still affordable at these rates.

In the United States the shares of the Transportation - Airline sector have grown on average in the last month by 57%.

Stocks like:

BOEING CO +57.04%

Have done these performances since the pre-election and pre-announcement of vaccines

2020 was a terrible year, but even if it will not be easy to start again, the vaccine has arrived.

Airlines and airports are organising themselves with rapid tests to get the most important destinations off the ground.

The past turnovers will not be fully recovered in the blink of an eye, but markets are always anticipating.

Understanding this opportunity in advance and knowing how to take advantage of it has been essential.

Returning to pre covid levels could take up to two years but the markets will not wait for this, they are already taking it for granted and these investments should have been made two months ago.
However, there is still plenty of room for growth.

In the US another sector is also overperforming, with cannabis stocks up 96% in the last month.

TILRAY INC +63.72%

In four states, together with the ballots to decide between Trump and Biden, voters had the opportunity to vote for a referendum to open the sale of marijuana to adults.

The positive result of this referendum increased the market for legal cannabis sales in the United States by 20%.

Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth shares have increased between 64% and 156% in the last month.

Investors are encouraged because the success of the referendum vote has expanded the potential market for the legal sale of cannabis and has shown that marijuana is becoming more and more accepted throughout the United States and beyond.

The rise began the day after the elections.
Mexico is about to legalize marijuana.
After 50 years, cannabis is coming off the UN drugs table. The therapeutic value of the plant is recognised.
For the United Nations Organisation, cannabis is no longer a drug. After half a century, with only one discarded vote, the UN decided to remove cannabis from "Table IV", the most restrictive, which includes substances such as heroin and cocaine.

This opens up new legal markets for these American cannabis companies and supports strong and robust growth in the market.

At this point, cannabis in the US is now legal for adults in 16 states, while 36 states allow some form of access for medicinal use.

Forecasts now say that the legal marijuana market will reach 34 billion dollars by 2025, up from the previous forecast of 31 billion dollars.

Morningstar estimates that annual sales of cannabis in the United States will reach $70 billion for the adult segment and $15 billion for the medical segment.

Despite this month's big rally, shares in Aurora, and Tilray and other major cannabis companies have dropped more than 60 percent this year. So we still have plenty of room for growth.
By 2018, initial enthusiasm about the prospects for rapid sales growth and company mergers had skyrocketed cannabis shares.

Analysts expect the market for cannabis products to continue to grow over the next decade.

Government regulations are currently holding back as marijuana is illegal at the federal level.

This represents an obstacle for companies when it comes to obtaining access to banking services, for example.

But now the road has been taken in those states that have already legalized, and there is still a long way to go for growth.

Understanding this opportunity in advance and knowing how to take advantage of it was essential.

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