TVC:US10Y   Rendimento titoli di stato Stati Uniti 10 anni
=> Our thesis of the multi month consolidation in the 10 year offering buying opportunities has been confirmed via the recent crisis in Turkey and the associated plunge in commodity prices.
=> There is no one size fits all framework here yet as yields have been all over the place since we confirmed 3% for the headlines. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, we are anticipating a move from 2.82/2.78% towards 3.5% and beyond into 2019.
=> Technically bearish momentum here is starting to cough so call eyes on S&P for the coming sessions.
=> Good luck
Commento: As widely expected bulls coming in @ 2.82... Here expecting a move towards 2.92 and 2.98.
Commento: First targets cleared on the test of 2.92
Commento: A clean breach above 3% ... smells like risk off is around the corner
Commento: Here clearing the remaining longs on a test of 3.13
Great chart, can you add the 200 MA through september 19th? I believe the 10yr treasury bond to be in buying range.
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