XEMBTC             (Positional Trade)
• I am holding this trade for a period of 3 Months. I can see a clear HH sequence forming (Green Dotted trend line ). I see price is reacting right above the support and price is challenging the guy who started the move. But I presume that there would be some bearish sign on the trend line If that happens then I would be likely to do hedging as I could sense price is not willing to go Lower Low and it will take a turn to hit the target.
• But here the main point is buyers are strong in this case, it took 6 weekly candles to reach that highest point and sellers are so week it took nearly 29 weekly candles to come to the recent support area that tells strength of the buyers coming in and sellers are so weak. I also presume that I will not see the sign of LL. If this case happens to be safe I am using a wider stop loss and reducing my position size.
• I will be updating this trade once in a week.

Risk Management:

Entry: 0.0000325
TP: 0.000058
Stop loss: 0.00000444
Position Size: 1% Risk on your capital/15.5
Risk/Reward: 1:3 So, HH RR.
If TP is hit then we will be at 44% profit.

Buy from Sellers and Sell from Buyers.

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