AskSlim «Five Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading»

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AskSlim «Five Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading»

Slim shares intimate aspects of his life and trading past as a floor trader, with wide financial and emotional swings, then a mature and evolved trader and coach. Learn from his broad experience in the markets and his proven processes as a personal growth facilitator.

Five Essential Building Blocks
Introduction (23:36)
Building Block #1 «Define a healthy role for trading in your life» (44:10)
Building Block #2 «Build Emotional Fitness» (45:06)
Building Block #3 «Balance Trading Style, Personality, Risk Tolerance» and more (45:06)
Building Block #4 «Adopt Six Key Areas of Discipline» (24:23)
Building Block #5 «Create Your Own Unique Winning Formula» (41:20)
Steve Miller

Steve Miller has spent the past 43 years trading stocks, options, futures on and off the trading floor. His nickname, «Slim» came from his trading floor badge from the CBOE floor: SLM. Currently, he is an on-air host providing daily analysis and commentary on the financial markets and Coaching/Consulting for Hedge Funds and Individual self-directed traders/investors.

Slim has studied technical analysis of the financial markets for decades, emphasizing «Cyclical Analysis» for his short-term swing trading style.

Active in personal growth work the past 22 years, he has coached many people and groups, integrating personal healing and leadership.

Combining many years of financial market experience and facilitation training, Steve brings a rare combination of broad trading knowledge and understanding of the psychological barriers to trading/investing success.

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