Mighty Renko Triggers

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The Mighty Renko Triggers work very simply. The blue crosses are false breaks and the orange crosses are continuation patterns. If the charts do not look clean like the example here then the indicator should be used on a different instrument or timeframe. Ensure the Renko bar settings have the ATR set to ATR 100 and the source is set to OHLC4. If you are looking at a 5-minute Renko chart the equal price structure chart will be a 15-minute candlestick chart. Alerts can be easily set for when a cross appears.

Note: This code is licensed under open source GPLv3 terms and conditions and any modifications to it should be made public and linked to the original code
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Dear, thanks a lot for this indicator.
I was wondering if it could also be used for trading cryto and if so, what would be the best settings for ATR?
Hi Justin! So blue crosses are basically reversals right?
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I will like to use this to set up buy and sell alerts, is that possible? How? Please and thanks.
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Hi! did you ever tried this on Binary Option Trading? If yes, which chart and what expiry would you recommend?

@mrxoxo, Hi no I have not tried this with binary options
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