Quansium Raven Backtester

This is the Backtester version of The Raven (RAVE) Quantitative Trading System.

We used to publish single systems, but we realized it's harder to update them and have them all using the latest features. This time we are bundling all of our tools under one.

We broke apart all of our QSX systems previously released, and kept only the most useful parts. During this process we tried to smooth the experience and simplified even more the settings. We then added our newest features and a few other custom solutions. Finally we managed to produce this, which is based on breakouts and all exits happen in real-time.

No repainting, no double trades, no delay. Expect great results. Get great results.

Never lose more than what you are willing to do, or get less than your desired profit is. With our Risk Management features; we got you covered. Enjoy this great system. Join Quansium for access to live alerts and great support.

Special thanks to all our current members. We always feel motivated with your great support and feedback.

All of our systems are ready to use with third parties apps such as AutoView, GunBot, HaasOnline, JuBot, and many others that allow to turn TradingView alerts into Automated Trading Bots.
Note di rilascio: Major Update
Note di rilascio: Major Update
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Discord: Members Only

Website: https://www.Quansium.com
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