[e2] Setup & Countdown 913

study 9-13
version 1.0

Part1. Setup.
Red (Buy Setup) and Green(Sell Setup) numbers above the bar.
Count consecutive close less/above 4 bars before.

Part2. Countdown.
Red/Green Arrow + S (Simple Countdown) / A (Aggressive Countdown) + C (Combo Countdown) below the bar.

Part3. Trend.
Red/Green circles on the chart.

Part4. Risk.
Black(Setup), Blue(Countdown), Purple(Aggressive), Orange(Combo) crosses on the chart.



Written in pinescript version=2. The new version could be found here (only first phase - the Setup - https://www.tradingview.com/script/vk3Z6...)
This study is for educational porpose only. Hope those sources can help you to develop you own unique strategies and techniques.

daily*tip: 95% loss = 90% loss + 50% loss.
Stay safe ;)
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Pisces swimming through the river
All their life against the stream
Searching for a hook to catch on
And see their sun beam
Then suffocate in painful tortures
On cutting tables of callous men
Under a knife of handsome butchers
Emeralds are ripped away


Thank you. GREAT work!!!
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Christmas has come early!

Thanks @e2e4mfck
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Thank you
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Thank you, sir.
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