-This indicator is based on RSI Levels With Alerts for automated or Manual Trading.
-Added 30+ Types of Moving averages to choose from and Bollinger bands to facilitate manual trades.
-3 step Stop loss and Take profit option(SL and TP).
-Trailing stop system.
-Can be easily used for automated Trading(Full customisation) -We got our own ATS BOT (Please check the links Below)
-Works on all market types.
-Best suited for Day trading,Scalping,margin trading(Binance and Bitmex).

For more information about the scripts,prices,discounts,trial access and sale.
Please join our discord or telegram group from the links below.









If you want to get trial access to this amazing Indicator,Do the following:
1) Give a like
2) comment "I LOVE ATS"
3) Click follow

By doing this You will automatically be granted access to the indicator for a Trial period of 7 days :)

We have our own trading bot which can trigger alerts from this indicator and trade automated on your favourite exchanges.....
some of the features included in the bot are stop loss,Take profit,Trailing stop,panic sell and many more :)
Don't forget to join our groups to find out more and what other services we have to offer.
Join us and Let us all make big money together.
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dont buy it... this script will wipe out your complete account.
WOLFGEM tredishion
@tredishion, you have never even tried them........we give a 7 day free trial access on all scripts to people to find out if its profitable or not for them...we don't straight away sell anything without giving them time to try it........people will buy if its good.....any whats great is always great...your comments doesn't change anything brother..............such comments wont do you any good either.......those who know what advanced features are included in the scripts will always know.......so GOOD LUCK.
@WOLFGEM, and i dont have to, to know that i am right :), ure using heiking ashi candles which will obviously not give accurate results.
WOLFGEM tredishion
@tredishion, that u see there in the pic is just for presentation purpose and not the actual workings of the indicator..it works on all candle types renko kagi linebreak normal candles HA pointfigure.....good luck....don't talk without even knowing or trying it............and why is account so empty........do you even trade?
WOLFGEM tredishion
@tredishion, show me your real account and your face...if you have the guts.....and then talk to me.........dont come up sneaking behind like a theif and post useless comments my brother.....be a man.
Request your trial now quick and easy!

-Comment I LOVE ATS

Go over to http://www.altcointradingservices.com/ats_scripts

Fill out the form and you will be granted access as soon as possible.

You find all info and prices there. You might be interested in our tradingview bot that we have developed over the last year:

The ATS Trexen Bot

#1 It's reliable on Bitmex, you won't miss trades on overloads
#2 No syntax to learn and to mess up on, there is a graphical user interface that makes setting up orders easy
#3 Multiple orders can be saved into order sets, that can then be easily tagged through the alert text, so alert management and modification is minimized on TV as order changes be managed on the bot. A single command in the TV alert can trigger a set of multiple saved orders so entries and stops can all be placed with one alert.
#4 Multiple order sources: Manual, email, direct TV integration. Plans to integrate other means of ordering such as telegram. Instant order execution when using direct TV integration.
#5 Advanced orders such as break-even stops on bitmex, and trailing stops on binance, that are dynamically calculated. Other advanced orders include liquidating all assets into a chosen quote currency (USDT, BTC, BNB, etc) for Binance.
#6 Anything that can be done on the exchange can be done through the GUI interface. This includes monitoring trades, balances, positions, profits, etc.
#7 Locally installed software, API stored locally and not needed for license authentication
Request your trial now

-Comment I LOVE ATS

Go over to http://www.altcointradingservices.com/ats_scripts

Fill out the form and you will be granted access as soon as possible
may i try
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