Smoothed Delta's Ratio Oscillator


Scaled and smoothed oscillators can provide easy to read/use information regarding price, therefore i will introduce a new oscillator who create smooth results and use a fast and practical scaling method. In order to allow for even more smoothness the option to smooth the input with a lsma has been added.

Scaling Using Changes

In this indicator scaling in a range of (1,-1) is achieved through the following calculations :

  • a = sma (abs(change( src ,length)),length)
  • b = change( sma ( src ,length),length)
  • c = b/a

where src is our input. The two elements a and b are quite similar, a smooth the absolute change of the input over length period while b calculate the change of the smoothed input over length period, this make a > b and able us to perform scaling in a range of (1,-1).

The Indicator Parameters

Length control the differencing/smoothing period of the indicator, greater values create smoother and less volatile results, this mean that the oscillator will tend to be equal to 1 or -1 in a longer period of time if length is high. The smooth option allow for even smoother results by enabling the input to be smoothed by a lsma of length period.


I presented a smooth oscillator using a new rescaling technique. Parameters can be separated to provide different results, i believe the code is simple enough for everyone to modify it in order to provide interesting creations.

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Alexgrover is one of the generous and brilliant coding creator; Keep it up bro =D
+2 Rispondi
@ICEKI, thank you a lot for your comment, what kind of indicator would you like to see next ? :)
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Again brilliant work.
Thank you again :)

+2 Rispondi
alexgrover aaahopper
@aaahopper, Thank you a lot for the support, i hope you can do something great with this indicator :)
+1 Rispondi
ICEKI alexgrover
@alexgrover, You're welcome; let me consider and I will let you know Alex; thank you =D
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