CoinDetector Buy

Ce script va vous aider à trouver les meilleures zones d'achats afin de maximiser vos bénéfices.
Vous aurez dans le graphique un signal haut ou moyen qui vous permettra de savoir quand acheter une crypto monnaie.
Le signal haut indique une chance forte d'être sur la meilleure zone d'achat, le signal moyen doit être plus étudié lors d'un marché en baisse.
Contactez moi si vous souhaitez l'essayer

This script will hepl you to find the best bottom to buy your cryptos.
You will see two types of signals. One strong and one medium.
Strong can be use anytime. Medium need to be use with attention during red market.
Contact me if you want to try it

Voici un exemple de son fonctionnement
See below how it's works
Jun 13
Note di rilascio: I've added new strongs signals. Now we have a plot before big bullish market (exemple DGD on 2018/05/04)
Jun 13
Note di rilascio: Mistake on the previous update.
Jun 14
Note di rilascio: Update:
Add two backgrouds colors (Red and Green).
Background is red when the BTC/USD price goes down and green when the price goes UP.
It will help you to choose the good signals before buying and reduce false signals.

During green market is not important to check that.
Jun 28
Note di rilascio: Hi, 2 big updates was done.
1st one: We add an option during red market to mask some signals. You can see it on the capture.
You can configure during how many bar you don't want to show an alert (7 seems to be a good configuration during red market)
2nd: We add an option to enable alert when you reach 3 targets (1.2%, 2.6%, 5%) and 2 personal targets ( you can configure your gain from 0.4% to 500%) and to finish you can configure your buy price and you will receive a signal when your gain is reached.

Script is little more complicated but more powerfull
Jun 28
Note di rilascio: You can see here the second update
Aug 01
Note di rilascio: Updated some strongs alerts and mediums alerts
Aug 13
Note di rilascio: Minors updates
Aug 21
Note di rilascio: Big update:
I've added the ability to completely configure what signals you want to see.
We have for the moment 7 strong signals and 4 mediums signals.
If a signal isn't working well on a crypto-money or not working on a specific timeframe you can hide it. So you tune it as you want.
By defalut all signals are showed and it's my recommandation.
Nov 06
Note di rilascio: Some changes and better signals
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Hi can I check it? Tks!
can i check it out?
CoinDetector Paradigm9
@Paradigm9, Hi,
Private message send
Hello, Est-il possible de tester ? Merci :)
@Nono1978, Pas de soucis, je te contacte par MP

Merci pour votre temps :)
Possible de tester ?
CoinDetector CryptoSec1
@CryptoSec1, Bien sur! Je te contacte par MP
Hello , it is interesting script , can i test it as well ?
@CarlSS, It's OK check your PM
Hello I've been following your charts for a while! Very interesting and looks good! Can I try the script please?
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