SuperTrend Buy And Sell

Original = @everget
Actual Version - @guikroth
Note di rilascio: up
Note di rilascio: up
Note di rilascio: Fixing alerts
Note di rilascio: bluecolor line
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I really like this - thank you!! One question, can you tell me why there are 3 buy signals in the alert drop down?
guikroth ollywalker1
@ollywalker1, hi, yes. because the resolution of some monitors. If the monitor or screen is to small, the alert is hiden at TV. Just for this. You can choose anyone. Is the same
Am I missing something, this indicator shows the past buy and sell levels but not the current or future?
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Thank You
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NIce indicator.. thanks mate
this indicator is like magic, thanks!
@aes0n, Have you backtest it and is it still that profitable?
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aes0n dpanday
@dpanday, i don't use just use this one indicator. i base 90% of my trading decision on the elliott wave principle and use this indicator (as well as MACD, RSI with moving averages, multiple timeframes, and modular filter among others) for the remaining 10% to decide whether i will go long or short. but overall this indicator tends to be correct way more often than not.
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Gui, that's an amazing indicator! It works super well....but sometimes it gives a false signal...specially on markets moving there any way to minimize (or ignore) the false signals? Thank you!!!
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