ER divergence detector

Elder Ray divergence detector for cryptocurrencies.
this indicator detects divergence of bull power and bearpower and sent signal with triangle at bottom or triangles at top, and you can configurates to send alterts.
Works on cryptocurrencies in chart of m5 or m30.
Recomended only use on high volume cryptos.
Works good in ranges.

To clarify the oblique lines are to see more clearly, the indicator does not make oblique lines in the graph

to test it:
Note di rilascio: Better signals and les %error in signals.

Get it on:
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Can you let me try it for a few days and check the effect? Thank you
Can I get an access please?
egsand wixx2014
@wixx2014, access to test for 2 days :D
may I try this please
egsand falloutcrypto
@falloutcrypto, get access per 2 days :)
I think I can try it!
egsand d_goodman8
@d_goodman8, sure 2 day of access :)
Allow me
egsand qkrdudtn0312
@qkrdudtn0312, get access per 2 days :)
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