Heikin/Kaufman Strategy

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This strategy combine Heikin Aishi candle with a modificated Kaufman MA. Using heikin candle and 1 hr timeframe for best performance. Use some trend/volatility indicator can help to avoid to enter in the market when high volatility
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Hi, thanks for this indicator. Can anyone confirm if this indicator does indeed repaint. I set test to 1 and am watching it on different timeframes, how can I be sure it's repainting or not? Do I really need to set test to 1?
I have applied this indicator to CryptoCurrencies market and I'm finding that the backtest are very accurate on most lower timeframes. My question is for setting up trading view alerts are you able to add in a buy and sell status on the Alerts Conditions

Love this Heikin Ashi candles and i use them often so this indicator is great
Repaints like a bugger. Can you fix it, please?
What's the added value of a repainting tool?
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@MarcoValente Can you fix this please to prevent repainting. This is very close to being a superb strategy, but the repainting means the backtest is inaccurate. Can you fix this please, so there is no repainting in any time period?
Very appreciated your generous shared to public, Thanks for your efforts =D
this is repeat ?
MarcoValente gucluoguz4
@gucluoguz4, Repaint?? It is use 2 time frame ( 1 hr and a daily) so it maybe repaint , but if you set "test" = 1 the program will use the last bar (with no repaint). try to swich between 1 and 0
gucluoguz4 MarcoValente
@MarcoValente, thanks
Neufert gucluoguz4
@gucluoguz4, of course repaints.
@Neufert,No it is not. it give you signal the next bar
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