8ma55 GBPUSD 1h Indicator

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Strategy + Indicator (with the same name).

You can make Alert for the entry. It's simple!
Apply this script to the GBPUSD 1h chart and click to the button "Create Alert" (upper panel, alarm clock+).
On the opened window find "Conditions" and choose "8ma55 gu 1h (960, 1400)", select "8" and "Crossing", below choose again "8ma55 gu 1h (960, 1400)" and select 55. Select the "Frequency" as "Once per bar (on close)". Choose in "Alert Actions" the "Send E-mail" and write your "Message", for example: "Crossing 8sma55 gu (960, 1400) on GBPUSD , 1h"
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study(title="8sma55 gu", shorttitle="gu", overlay=true)
fast = security(tickerid, "60", sma(close, 8))
slow = security(tickerid, "60", sma(close, 55))
tp = input(title="Take profit", type=integer, defval=960)
sl = input(title="Stop loss", type=integer, defval=1400)
buy = cross(fast,slow) and fast>slow and close
sell = cross(fast,slow) and fast<slow and close
long = (buy*close? buy*close : na)
short = (sell*close? sell*close : na)

plot(fast, color=silver, trackprice=false, title="8", transp=80)
plot(slow, color=gray, trackprice=false, title="55", transp=80)

plotshape(long, "Buy", shape.square, location.absolute, blue, offset=0, text="buy", size=size.tiny)
plotshape(short, "Sell", shape.square, location.absolute, red, offset=0, text="sell", size=size.tiny)

//entrybuy = security(tickerid, "60", long)
//plot(entrybuy, "Buy", style=linebr, linewidth=3, color= blue, trackprice=true, offset=0)
//entrysell = security(tickerid, "60", short)
//plot(entrysell, "Sell", style=linebr, linewidth=3, color= red, trackprice=true, offset=0)

tpbuy = long + tp/100000
tpb = security(tickerid, "60", tpbuy)
plot(tpb, "Long Take", style=linebr, linewidth=3, color= lime, trackprice=true, offset=0)
slbuy = long - sl/100000
slb = security(tickerid, "60", slbuy)
plot(slb, "Long Stop", style=linebr, linewidth=3, color= fuchsia, trackprice=true, offset=0)

tpsell = short - tp/100000
tps = security(tickerid, "60", tpsell)
plot(tps, "Short Take", style=linebr, linewidth=3, color= lime, trackprice=true, offset=0)
slsell = short + sl/100000
sls = security(tickerid, "60", slsell)
plot(sls, "Short Stop", style=linebr, linewidth=3, color= fuchsia, trackprice=true, offset=0)

I run a macroeconomic price action driven analysis for swing trading on a daily time frame. I pick my entries on the 1hr. Your indicator lines up with my entries scarily well.. absolutely fantastic tool you have made.
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