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Azioni da metaverso, profitti reali?

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What is the metaverse? No one can tell you exactly what the metaverse is, you have to see it for yourself. But apparently it’s the next internet – basically a future online space which makes use of new technologies, namely virtual reality. And ever since Facebook doubled down and rebranded as Meta, the metaverse has become a hot topic.

It encompasses a lot, from augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to other technologies that allow for new digital interactions, but whether you think it’ll become the future of all mankind or just go the way of 3D TVs, what you can't ignore is that some of the biggest businesses on the planet are going all in on it. So if you’d like to join their ranks you could consider investing in some of these – relatively – early adopters.

This Spark lists the biggest companies to have substantially invested in the metaverse infrastructure itself, including the creation of 'immersive hardware', semiconductors, 3D software and platforms or specialist connectivity to the VR space – with a market cap of at least $10bn. However, this doesn't include major brands getting in on the act with things like NFTs.

Remember, even though the worlds being created are virtual, the gains and losses for your portfolio will be all too real – so make sure to do your homework before strapping on that investing headset.