Bitcoin: Push Back To 70Ks?

Bitcoin support at the 66K area continues to hold and may be the higher low (wave (iv)) that may lead to a higher high over the coming weeks (see illustration). In order for a dramatic new high like 80K to be tested, price needs to prove itself by clearing 73K first. The key to navigating this is to WAIT for the market to provide evidence (confirmation), NOT get stuck on an opinion about the future. Even though the broader trend is bullish, UNTIL it breaks out, it is within reason to expect the consolidation to continue.

Recognizing the support/resistance levels within broader consolidations can help to uncover numerous opportunities, especially on smaller time frames. For example, while I consider the 66K area a minor support on this time frame (see arrow), this location is a great spot to anticipate longs on day trade time frames like the 1 or 5 minute chart.

When using such levels as a form of context to guide decisions, traders often do not understand how to shape expectations relative to the magnitude of the time frame. For instance, price movements on a 1 minute chart are typically smaller than a 5 minute or 1 hour chart. Knowing this should shape expectations in terms of reward/risk. This is one of the problems I aimed to solve when coming up with the idea for Trade Scanner Pro by automating the exit points using the average true range (ATR).

The same can be said about the 70K whole number resistance area. This is an ideal location to WAIT for sell signals, whether to take profit or an aggressive counter trend trade short. Again the location provides a point of reference where we can anticipate a particular price behavior or opportunity. It is up to the MARKET to confirm and even then, there is a chance it can get stopped out (markets are mostly RANDOM).

My analysis is meant to shed light on a select range of possibilities over the coming week for day and swing traders. I have to remind people of this because many come to these articles expecting to gain knowledge of the future. It will take some time to realize effective risk management has NOTHING to do with where price will be in the future. There is no way to forecast the future accurately, ESPECIALLY using the limited information that is available on charts.

The idea is to help you prepare for potential opportunities that I believe have a greater probability of a positive outcome because of the price location relative to the trend. The MARKET decides what scenario will play out, not me or anyone else. To align with the market, we must have a passive mindset, good listening skills and the ability to admit being wrong QUICKLY, especially on smaller time frames.

So here is how to prepare of the coming week: IF the low 66Ks are tested, look for longs, IF 66K breaks, avoid longs and reevaluate new levels. IF 70K is tested, look to take profits, or consider aggressive shorts (counter trend). IF 70K is cleared, watch for test of 73K. How you navigate your positions is a function of your risk tolerance and personal style. Most importantly, let the market do the THINKING, you simply adjust to the new information as it appears.

Thank you for your considering my analysis and perspective.

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