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PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE PURCHASING & USING THE MyAlgo-SLIM Tool. Saves you and me some time in emails and messages. :)

This is the official version of MyAlgo-SLIM

  • Buy & Sell Alerts can be set on all Tickers. This includes, but is not limited to Crypto, Commodities , FOREX, Equities and Indices. Also all candle Types are compatible.
  • Recommended Time-frames - Due to the complexity of MyAlgo-SLIM the user has a choice between three algorithms and is like that able to trade on all timeframes with the highest returns.
  • MyAlgocombines many different aspects at the same time, scans multiple other Algorithms and comes to a conclusion based on over 1350 lines of code.
  • It is based on Divergences, Elliott Waves , Ichimoku , MACD , MACD Histogram, RSI , Stoch , CCI , Momentum, OBV, DIOSC, VWMACD, CMF and multiple EMAs.
  • Every single aspect is weighted into the decision before giving out an indication.
  • Most buy/sell Algorithms FAIL because they try to apply the same strategy to every single chart, which
    are as individual as humans. To conquer this problem, MyAlgo has a wide range of settings and variables which can be easily
  • To make it a true strategy, MyAlgo has as well settings for Take Profit Points and Stop
    Losses. Everything with an Alert Feature of course so that FULL AUTOMATION IS POSSIBLE.
  • I know from experience that many people take one Algorithm and are simply too LAZY to add multiple Algorithms to make a rational choice. The result of that is that they lose money, by following blatantly only one Algorithm.
    MyAlgo has additional 15 Indicators, perfect for all markets, which can be turned on and off individually.

Side Notes
  • MyAlgo is being updated and upgraded very frequently to suit the requests of our customers.
  • This is not financial advice. Please read our disclaimer before using.

Anything below this sentence will be Updates regarding MyAlgo-SLIM
Note di rilascio:
Updated default settings for scalping and swing trades, as the previous was too complicated.

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