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Just the movement of price and its swing: after a bottom or a top if there is a inversion of trend the price has to break some area. This script show the possibles zone of pullback. The background bars color suggest possible point of entry, but are still not accurate has they should be, so look at the break of res/sup by yourself.
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What activates the circles?
MarcoValente TonyCampbell
@TonyCampbell, The circles are activated when a candle make new high or low (look back for 30 period). If is a new high or top the circles are the low of that candle if a new low or bottom is the high of the candle. So if the market is still on trend we have just a pullback and usally the price stay above/below the circles, but if have a inversion or a swing the price will break that low/high (circles) and go futures down/up. If have any suggestion please let me know
TonyCampbell MarcoValente
@MarcoValente, OK.....I see it now......thank you very much......just a preference, but I would go with red/green trigger candles instead of background colors. Very nice indicator, thanks again.
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