Kozlod - Heikin-Ashi Bar Color Change Alerts

You can use this script to setup alerts on Heikin-Ashi bar color change.
You have to apply this script to usual candles and not Heikin-Ashi!!!

Background color indicates HA bar color. On change you'll see green/red arrows and alert will be fired.

Also you can find in the code calculations of all HA OHLC values.
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superb!!! many thanks!
Hello, thank you for this ! How do you set up alerts for color changes ? Thank you again !
@Taikun73, same way as for all other scripts. Add it to chart, when creating alerts select script name, you will see alerts from this script.
This chart above with up and down arrows for buy and sell seems interesting. How to get it on my system where I use Trade tiger of share khan and also for Zerodha charts?
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@MARUTICELERIO, Hey, sorry, don't have experience with Trade tiger or Zerodha
Hi - sorry if this is a noob question, but how do you set alerts for TV to notify you when the color changes? TIA
QuantNomad thelionsden83
@thelionsden83, add it to the chart, go to alert. Create a new one. In the first drawdown select indicator name, in the second you should see available alerts.
@QuantNomad, rock n roll! Thanks, amigo
Awesome script man. I just stumbled upon it. Great to see if something is rejecting support or resistance.
will it repaint ?
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