Price Pivots for NASDQ 100 Stocks

Price Pivots for NASDQ 100 Stocks

What is this Indicator?
• This indicator calculates the price range a Stock can move in a Day.

Advantages of this Indicator
• This is a Leading indicator, not Dynamic or Repaint.
• Helps to identify the tight range of price movement.
• Can easily identify the Options strike price.
• Develops a discipline in placing Targets.

Disadvantages of this Indicator
• The indicator is specifically made for NASDQ 100 stocks. The levels won't work for other stocks.
• The indicator shows nothing for other indexes and stocks other than above mentioned.
• The data need to be entered manually.

Who to use?
Highly beneficial for Day Traders, it can be used for Swing and Positions as well.

What timeframe to use?
• Any timeframe.
• The highlighted levels in Red and Green will not show correct levels in 1 minute timeframe.
• 5min is recommended for Day Traders.

When to use?
• Wait for proper swing to form.
• Recommended to avoid 1st 1 hour or market open, that is 9.15am to 10.15 or 10.30am.
• Within this time a proper swing will be formed.

What are the Lines?
• The concept is the price will move from one pivot to another.
• Entry and Exit can be these levels as Reversal or Retracement.

Gray Lines:
• Every lines with price labels are the Strike Prices in the Option Chain.
• Price moves from 1 Strike Price level to another.
• The dashed lines are average levels of 2 Strike Prices.

Red & Green Lines:
• The Red and Green Lines will appear only after the first 1 hour.
• The levels are calculated based on the 1st 1 hour.
• Red Lines are important Resistance levels, these are strong Bearish reversal points. It is also a breakout level, this need to be figured out from the past levels, trend, percentage change and consolidation.
• Green Lines are important Support levels, these are strong Bullish reversal points. It is also a breakdown level, this need to be figured out from the past levels, trend, percentage change and consolidation.

What are the Labels?
• First Number: Price of that level.
• Numbers in (): Percentage change and Change of price from LTP (Last Traded Price) to that Level.

How to use?
• Enter when price is closer to the Red or Green lines.
• Enter after considering previous Swing and Trend.
• Note the 50% of previous Swing.
• Enter Short when price reverse from each level.
• If 50% of swing and the pivot level is closer it can be a good entry.
• Use the logic of Entry, each level can be a target.
• Exit when price is closer to the Red or Green lines.

Indicator Menu

• Custom: Enter the price manually after choosing the Source as Custom to show the Pivots at that price.
• LTP: Pivot is calculated based on Last Traded Price.
• Day Open: Pivot is calculated based on current day opening price.
• PD Close: Pivot is calculated based on previous day closing price.
• PD HL2: Pivot is calculated based on previous day average of High and Low.
• PD HLC3: Pivot is calculated based on previous day average of High, Low and Close.

"Time (Vertical Lines)"
• This is a marker of every 1 hour.
• Usually major price movement happen between previous day last 1 hour to today first 1 hour.
• Two swings can happen between first 2 hour of current day.
• At the end of the day last 1 hour another important movement will happen.
• Usually rest of the time won't show any interesting movement.

To the Users
• Certain symbols may show the levels as a single line. For such symbols choose a different Source or Timeframe from the indicator menu.
• Please inform if any of the Symbol's price levels don't react to the pivots , include the Symbol a well.
• Also inform if you notice any wrong values, errors or abnormal behavior in the indicator.
• Feel free to suggest or adding new features and options.

General Tips
• It is good if Stock trend is same as that of Index trend.
• Lots of indicators creates lots of confusion.
• Keep the chart simple and clean.
• Buy Low and Sell High.
• Master averages or 50%.
• Previous Swing High and Swing Low are crucial.

Important Note
• Currently the levels are in testing stage.
• Eventually the levels of certain symbols will be corrected after each update and test.
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