KTS 0.1a [BETA]

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VERY early release of KTS for those who have contributed to the early efforts of the upcoming Kawaii Trading Suite package.

When you first add this to a chart- nothing will happen. You need to enable the features you want in the indicator's settings menu. Many of these are based off of indicators i've already published (and are linked for in-depth description). The following features available:

Daily Support/Resistance levels
Hourly Support/Resistance levels
General Support/Resistance levels

The three above use the same algorithm but are designed for different timeframes.

Renko Bar Overlay (overlays a Renko chart on any timeframe you want)
Renko Signal Overlay (for those who want to know when renkos go green/red without the giant overlay)

The two above indicators use 1D renkos by default (since that's the shortest TV lets free accounts use) but you can use any timeframe you wish in settings.

Alt Sentiment Signal overlay (Simple up/down arrow when altcoin sentiment changes)

Witchcraft support/resistance clouds (can be toggled individually)

Planned but not-yet-finished features include:
Ichimokou Clouds
Golden Cross signal

Plus many more things I haven't posted anywhere else yet. Be aware that beyond this point, anyone wishing to try this product will have to pay a reasonable fee. Please do not message me asking for access to private indicators if you have no intention of paying for them.
Note di rilascio:
Added a bunch of new stuff.

Slow/Fast Moving Averages + Golden Cross Signal:
Just set the periods for each and enable/disable the golden cross overlay to have your chart highlight points where they cross.

Ichimokou Cloud:
Optimized for 24/7 markets like crypto. The conversion/base lines are given a second cloud and classified under "secondary ichimokou cloud".

Overtrend cloud: Private indicator identifying overbought/oversold regions. Daily timeframe only- will use daily values even on other timeframes.
Note di rilascio:
Small update, adds 3 new overlays.

RSI Signal - save some space on your chart, RSI signal attempts to show where the RSI enters up and downtrends to ride. It can often be faked out though, so I recommend pairing this with other strategies.

Weak Hands - Find out what the weak hands are up to. Plots unlabeled arrows and X's on the chart. Blue up arrow means weak hands entered long, down arrow means they entered short, and X means they left their position.

Prediction Levels - Figure out good targets for a rally or dip. The price will never actually reach the prediction levels, since they are always adjust based on the current price and only appear in a strong trend. I'm working on a better way to represent them. Also includes small circles in 4 different colors, to help distinguish between a correction and reversal. If the circle becomes a resistance above price it's a reversal whereas if it becomes a support below price it's a correction.
Note di rilascio:
Updated ichimokou values to better suit cryptocurrency
Note di rilascio:
Adds some new overlays:

Whale Movement Overlay
Changes the candle color to match the Whale Movement oscillator's current color (if any).

Half Heikin Ashi Candles
Changes candle color to match Heikin Ashi color, without changing the candles themselves.

Whale Movement Hint Overlay
Overlays the Whale Movement hint arrows on the chart.

Bollinger Bands
Adds a Bollinger Band overlay, with settings customized for maximum accuracy. Also has some nice color hints to emphasize trend and highlight times where the band was broken.
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