YTC - Swing Highs & Lows

This Indicator Plots Swing Highs & Swing Lows based on Lance Beggs of (Your Trading Coach) definition:

A Swing High (SH) is a price bar high preceed by two lower highs (LH) and followed by two lower highs (LH)

In the event of multiple candles forming equal highs, this will still be defined as a swing high, provided that there are two candles with lower highs both preceding and following the multiple candle formation.
May 30
Note di rilascio: Added the verification of all the possible casuistry:
If there are two, three or four bars followed with the same highs or lows and surrounded with tiny bars
Or two or three bars with equal highs or lows alternating with tiny bars.

New parameter to activate repaint (NOT repaints by default)
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Last version here:
Do you have the strategy
jatubio dpanday
@dpanday, There is no concrete strategy. The idea is that the SH and SL help to mark areas of support and resistance.
Does it repaint?
jatubio dpanday
@dpanday, Not at this moment because need at least four bars formed before check a bar.

I'm working in made them better.
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