Auto Fibonacci by

It's been a while since we've released a free indicator so here we go.

Clean and Simple Automated Fibonacci Retracement levels

Includes the Golden Pocket zone

Ability to alter how far back the script looks to find the swing high and low.


Like this indicator? Check out our profile to see the full library of custom indicators available to CryptoProTools members (link in comments)
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how did you learn to make these indicators?

have you been to school (university or college) for them

can you also create trading bots with these same tools?

Thanks man , your page is awesome!
@zach.desm, I did train as a web designer many years ago so that helps (any basic coding experience helps), but mostly it's just being super interested and learning how it all works by doing and researching when need be.

You can use any bot that hooks up with TradingView alerts along with our indicators - Things like Trexen, 3commas, Alertatron and many others.

Thanks for the kind workd!
CryptoProTools CryptoProTools
@CryptoProTools, *words
@CryptoProTools your scripts are masterpiece :)
lovely <3
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