The Moon

The Moon is a script that is designed to help Traders analyse their charts using the moon. This script consists of three main features :
1. Moon Phases Pro : This is a more powerful version of the default built-in Moon Phases where it would plot both past cycles and Future cycles with a better accuracy.
2. Moon Lines : This plots the moon's longitude into price. you can also select your desired $/degree ( price vs time unit) to make these lines better suited for your chart and the asset your playing with. We also didn't forget to add an option to enable harmonics of these lines. In addition, you can select "reverse" to get the downtrending plants as well.
3. Moon Angles : This allows you to highlight areas where the moon is at X degree. you can get the Moon at zero aris or 180 degrees or any other degree!.
We also added some styling options to help with the visuals.

█ Future Plans and upgrades to this script may include :
1. Enhanced algorithm for a faster loading/processing script.
2. More future dates plotting.
And more! Feel free to contact me with any feature that you would like to see in this script

█ How to use :
1. Open the settings.
2. Enable your desired tool and adjust the settings.
Give the script a few seconds and you should be set. Don't enable more than 2 tools at the same time, but if you want to do that, you can insert the same script twice or more in your chart.

This script is coded as an addon to the Gann ToolBox package/scripts.

To get access to any of my scripts feel free to contact me & send me a DM via twitter :

Or through TradingViews direct messages.
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Feel Free to contact me if you need access to this script, my information is down below.

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