HLC3/Kaufman Strategy

This is an upgrade of the old Heikin/Kaufman Strategy. This script DONT use Heikin value anymore, so I hope no more repaint. Try it and let me know. Use an ADX indicator can help to check the strenght of the trend.
Note di rilascio: errata corrige ticker
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Hi. I think heikin ashi was not responsible for repainting. It is because high time frame hcl3 price in my opinion. Have you considered re-writing this script in pinescript version3 ? "barmerge.lookahead_off" might be useful for repainting issue.
Another problem spotted: the entry is pointed at the candle open price. It makes more sense to point it at the close price. How would I fix this?
bfma = ema(bmha_close,1), which value of bmha_close are you evaluating here ?
what does ema(bmha_close,1) mean above. You are calculating exponential moving average of previous 1 day value of bmha_close ?
MarcoValente apurva1s2000
@apurva1s2000, bfma it is just the hlc3 of the timeframe that you choose (default is D), and must be higher then the timeframe that you use . Es use 1 hr set 1D , 30 minutes try 3 hr. But with low timeframe like 5 15 or 30, repaint can be a problem. Should be use as reference not during live training but for multidays traiding
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**** DO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT **** use it during live sessions. It repaints like hell. It's one of the pointless indicators that changes its mind afterwards.
Repainting observed on 15m with 1D setting.
The label is not appearing and disappearing but it does appear bars before/later. I reckon it's the shift function so I turn it to zero but it still shifts. Any way to fix? I have changed the source to every source (close/open/HL2 etc.) but couldn't do the job. Currently not notice any repainting.
txnemo Jittra
@Jittra, Could you give me some more details? Is it repainting or not? Trying to understand......
txnemo Jittra
@Jittra, If the shifting/repainting could be fixed, this strategy could be very interesting. Any ideas?
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