Yope BTC PL channel

This is a new version of the old "Yope BTC tops channel", but modified to reflect a power-law curve fitted, similar to the model proposed by Harold Christopher Burger in his medium article "Bitcoin’s natural long-term power-law corridor of growth".

My original tops channel fitting is still there for comparison. In fact, it looks like the old tops channel was a bit too pessimistic.
Note that these channels are still pure naive curve-fitting, and do not represent an underlying model that explains it, like is the case for PlanB's "Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity" which uses Stock-to-Flow.

The motivation for this exercise is to observe how long this empirical extrapolation is valid. Will the price of bitcoin stay in either of both channels?

Note on usage: This script _only_ works with the BLX "BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin" in the 1D, 3D and 1W time-frames!
It may be necessary to zoom in and out a few times to overcome drawing glitches caused by the extreme time-shifting of plots in order to draw the extrapolated part.
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