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Dear Followers,

today a Great Swing Trading Strategy, runnable on a bot, which works great on High Timeframes (1D is suggested!) but also even better on 1m Renko chart.
If you are a scalper, you will love suggested entries for fast profit. You can run it on 1h timeframe (below is not suggested) if you are used to scalp trading and close each trade whenever you feel happy (a proper trailing stop strategy is suggested anyway).

This strategy is based on the Ichimoku Cloud Indicator and let's you set a lot of settings:
  • works on all timeframes (but 1D and above is suggested on normal candlesticks chart)
  • you can run this indicator on 1m Renko chart (be sure to enable the "USING RENKO CHART? ENABLE THIS OPTION" setting)
  • you can use 4 kind of Ichimoku Cloud (Custom, Slow, Standard and Fast - keep only one enabled)
  • you can make the Ichimoku Cloud show or not
  • you can enable showing the possibile re-entries
  • you can enable an heiking ashi analysis
  • you can enable a trailing stop strategy ("Auto Trailing Stop Loss" and "Close Trade When Price Breaks Above the Ichimoku Cloud" are two options very much suggested to keep enabled, especially on bot trading)
  • you can create your own trailing stop stategy and take profit strategy
  • you can enable a simple take profit strategy based on RSI Overbought and Oversold levels

This strategy only trigger 1 buy or 1 sell, but if you missed the possibility to open your long or short position don't get mad, but just enable the "show re-entry signals" option, so yout will be able to enter again (be sure to always use a proper money management).
By the way, you can set any alarms you like in order to get notified when any kind of signal is triggered (you need to use the "alarms" version for this).

Strategy results are calculated on the timeframe from January 2016 to now, so on 3 years, using 10000$ as initial capital, doing only 6 trades (great swings!) and working at 1x leverage (so no leverage at all! perfect spot trading style!). If you like to use leverage, be sure tp use a safe option, like 3x or 5x at most in order to have liquidation price very far).
This is not the "Holy Grail", so use a proper risk management strategy.

This script will let you backtest how the indicator will perform on any chart you may test. Of course results will be very different depending on the chart you will open. I tested a lot of charts and always you can find a combination that keep this strategy in profit on swing trading style (and this means that if you can have a daily look at the chart you can always manage to maximize your profit on each trade!
The alarms version of this indicator, which will let you set all notifications you may need in order to be alerted on each triggered signals, can be found by searching for "astropark Ichimoku Cloud Strategy" and then choosing the "astropark" indicator with "alarms" suffix in the name.

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.
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