Auto FIB v1

Auto FIB indicator defects automatically high and low for the coins and created Fib lines.

I would greatly appreciate if you could leave feedback on this indicator.

if you like this indicator, I would greatly appreciate if you can donate for the hard work.

ETH -0x435a32d7F1383626F271eE9f999d18b83453BF80
LTC - LcsfSCsRDqPWxH7vC5wMGJXh8x3bfKvvZj
ETC - 0x3f6cAfdc0544a34DdC0E0fd4908C68Ec6a803708
Note di rilascio: Changed default color to green instead of white.
Note di rilascio: corrected small bugs
Note di rilascio: updated precision to 8
Note di rilascio: Auto FIB v1.1
Added more Fib lines (shown only on intraday to avoid too many lines on daily chart)
Added pivotal points ( There is an option in the settings to remove it)
Pivotal points can be used as targets and Sl
Pivotal point overlaying on Fib lines can act like strong support or strong resistance.
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Hi vickyprudhvi, thank you so much for sharing your work. This looks very helpful. As a constructive suggestion, could you add to the study(***) line ",precision=8" so I can see the exact satoshi value for altcoins?
@Jomy, thank you jomy for feedback. will do
@Jomy, done
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