Crypto-Adjusted Moving Average (CAMA) (15 MINUTE CANDLESTICKS)

This moving average is adjusted to give weight to the performance of the 6 largest Cryptocurrencies by market-cap: Bitcoin , Ethereum , Bitcoin Cash , Ripple, Litecoin, and Nem -0.95% Coin. The use of this indicator is to observe divergence between the price of the underlying asset (the crypto-currency you are interested in trading) and the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

If more cryptocurrencies go down while your observed currency goes up, the CAMA will sit lower. If more cryptocurrencies go up while your observed currency goes down, the CAMA will sit higher.

The indicator uses two input types:

"MA_Length" is the value given to the length of the moving average.
"CryptoFactor" which is the weight given to the movement of the Crypto-Index.

This modification to the moving average brings a fundamental element to your chart as it can be assumed, if all other crypto currencies move down, while the observed currency moves up quickly, that a breakout is occurring. This allows the trader to identify the breakout and react quicker to a MOONing asset.
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I'll try it! thanks!
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