Variable Cloud - evo

A Super Trend based on the high and low of a Moving Average, to get an easy view what the current trend is and where to buy and sell.

- The 'Closing Source' option is the candle value that triggers the clouds. 'High/Low System' means that a downtrend is over when the candle LOW closes greater than the downtrend (dark cloud), an uptrend is over when the candle HIGH closes less than the uptrend (light cloud). The other options speak for themselves.
- Ideally place your stop loss outside the cloud, as you want to stay in the trend until it breaks to the opposite direction (but that's up to you of course).
- Reversal trades are low probability, you can see them as reversals or ranging before the market continues, I like to lower my risk on those set ups till it breaks the dominant trend.

Here are the scripts I used:
Everget's SuperTrend
LazyBear's VMA

Thanks LazyBear and Everget, I learn a lot from your scripts :)
Note di rilascio: Update
- Added option to view dominant trend only
- Added signals to show the dominant trend
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Nice work :)
@dilace, Thanks!
For some reason the code is not coming up..
EvoCrypto DannyBaker
@DannyBaker, That's weird.. I don't know how to fix that, maybe it just takes a while after it is posted
DannyBaker EvoCrypto
@EvoCrypto, Aha it has appeared thanks! looks really interesting!

Think I asked about this on one of your previous posts, really excited to see it live.

Thank you, Evo
EvoCrypto Uni_ve12se
@Uni_ve12se, You did, hope you enjoy it :)
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