Wick Delta Buy/Sell Pressure

If you think of a perfect doji candle, where the wicks on top and bottom are exactly the same, that's a candle with a delta of 0. What this indicator does is show the delta/difference between wicks, if the top wick is longer than the bottom wick it show's sell pressure/bear interest, which is displayed as a red bar and vice versa for buy/bull pressure, which is shown as green bars. I added arrows for clarity.

It's a different way of visualising wicks, which can clarify sentiment and be a useful way to understand wicks better in general. One way to use it is to look for clusters of 3/4 larger bars in a row, which generally helps to determine future direction especially when seen at important levels.
Note di rilascio: Updated to highlight the bigger/more important wicks
Script open-source

Nello spirito di condivisione promosso da TradingView, l'autore (al quale vanno i nostri ringraziamenti) ha deciso di pubblicare questo script in modalità open-source, così che chiunque possa comprenderlo e testarlo. Puoi utilizzarlo gratuitamente, ma il riutilizzo del codice è subordinato al rispetto del Regolamento. Per aggiungerlo al grafico, mettilo tra i preferiti.

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You have such a good ideas and you are capable to express them. Thank you
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Appreciated your effort and generosity scarf =D
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i like how you think...!tx!
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so its not a entree signal, how would i use it for long position
any idea how to move averaging this?

perhaps a moving average of buyers and another moving average of sellers.

The volume serves to accompany the price therefore a moving average would be more visual than just seeing a column.
cool idea!!