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PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE PURCHASING & USING THE MKAST Algorithm. Saves you and me some time in emails and messages. :)

This is the NEW LIFETIME ACCESS Version of the MKAST

The MKAST Buy Sell Algorithm is a very specific strategy, cut down to its roots and made perfect for the volatile crypto market.

Many Algorithms focus only on one aspect, one side, one specific rule.
 As you know, this is not how life, the market or anything else works.

MKAST combines many different aspects at the same time, scans multiple other Algorithms and comes to a conclusion based on over 1350 lines of code.

It is based on Divergences, Elliott Waves, Ichimoku, MACD, MACD Histogram, RSI, Stoch, CCI, Momentum, OBV, DIOSC, VWMACD, CMF and multiple EMAs.

Every single aspect is weighted into the decision before giving out an indication.

Most buy/sell Algorithms FAIL because they try to apply the same strategy to every single chart, which
are as individual as humans.

To conquer this problem, MKAST has a wide range of settings and variables which can be easily

To make it a true strategy, MKAST has as well settings for Take Profit Points, Multiple Entries and Stop
Losses. Everything with an Alert Feature of course.

I know from experience that many people take one Algorithm and are simply too LAZY to add multiple Algorithms to make a rational choice.

The result of that is that they lose money, by following blatantly only one Algorithm.
MKAST has additional 9 Indicators, perfect for the crypto market, which can be turned on and off.


MKAST Signals Settings
“Show Signals?” - On/Off to show the Buy/Sell Signals.

“Aggressiveness” - Increase to make the signals less aggressive and decrease to make them more aggressive.
“Show Custom Signals?” - On/Off to show custom MKAST Signals as chosen in the settings below.
“Custom Buy/Sell Aggressiveness” - Choose a custom Aggressiveness for each buy and sell signal individually.
“TJ-Index Requirement For Buy/Sell” - If the TJ-Index is below the given number, it will show the signal in grey, this also applies for normal signals. Buy 0 and Sell 15 shows all signals in their original colour again.

“Don’t show signals that don’t meet index requirement?” - Checked, it will completely not show signals which would be “grey” as in the explanation above.
“Change Backgroundcolour if index is at 15 or 0?” - Checked, changes the colour of the chart if the index is at 15 or 0 points

MKAST Panel Settings
“Show Info Panel?” - Shows Info Panel on the chart.

“Move Info Panel UP by %” - Moves Info Panel up/down.
“Move Info Panel Left/Right ” - Moves Info Panel Left/Right.
 “Show BitMEX Panel?” - Shows BitMEX Panel on the chart.
“Move BitMEX Panel by % ” - Moves BitMEX Panel up/down.
 “Move BitMEX Panel Left/Right” - Moves BitMEX Panel Left/Right. “Signal Source” - Choose source of candle open/close for Equity calculation.

“Leverage Used?” - Select the used Leverage for your strategy and Equity calculation.
“Fees Per Trade in % ” - Deducts these fees after each trade from Equity calculation.

“Round Current Profit Price?” - Rounds the number on the Panel. “Trading Periods ” - Choose a trading Period which will be used to calculate Period Equity.

“Show separations of each Trading Period?” - Show separations on the chart of each Trading Period.

The very new feature on Tradingview and obviously now as well on MKAST are Information Panels.
I have chosen to add an Info Panel and a BitMEX Price Panel into MKAST, to make live and even
backtesting easier.
With only one blink of an eye the user is able to see ALL relevant information, without having to go
through various ways of checking and using other tools.
The Info Panel:

The first row shows the current profit. This is calculated since the signal initiation and the current candle close. Followed by a single number, which represents the current TJ-Index, removing the need of having to add the actual TJ-Index Oscillator on the chart.

The second row shows the current position and its status. This was added on request of many users wanting to know if their position is “about to change” or not. The status shows the users if the position is “endangered” or “okay”.

Followed by the “backtesting tool” already included inside the Panel. No need for complex oscillators with a hard reading for backtesting. With this one and simple panel, you see the Period Equity for the period chosen previously in the settings. This calculates all profits made inside that period and re-sets when the period ends. Right next to it, the Total Equity calculating ALL profits since the beginning of the chart.

Right below, you see the information about the last long and short position which have been open. This helps with the evaluation and documentation of the last trade.

The BitMEX Panel:

A convenient panel which shows all BitMEX contracts and their LIVE prices. The need for opening each chart goes away, the quality and experience of trading increases.

MKAST custom Signals are one of the notorious possibilities for ADVANCED strategies with MKAST.
 Users who requested these features and use them frequently are the ones, having already a very unique trading strategy and they use these very custom signals as confluence or for multiple entry trades.
These custom signals and their settings can be mostly ignored by the majority of traders who are using this Algorithm.
The idea behind the grey signals has its roots in the idea of the TJ-Index. The TJ-Index being 15 Algorithms and conditions possible showing a bullish or bearish interpretation. The index counts the Algorithms which are showing a bullish interpretation.
Like that we can make sure that signals are shown in the original colour, are only those who have an additional confluence with the TJ-Index, not letting the user buy, if at least the majority is not bullish, and not letting the user sell, if at least the majority is bearish.
The custom buy and sell aggressiveness lets the user customise the MKAST algorithm even more.

Either the users wants to see how signals are changing on a different (slightly lower or higher) aggressiveness, being able to expect a change on their own settings. OR seeing that some signals of the same sort are a little out of place and is able to move these to a different aggressiveness, increasing the profitability even more.

Needless to say, custom signals are NOT a part of the Info Panel.

MKAST Label & Trendline Settings
“Show Labels?” - On/Off to show Labels above each signal, with the percentage gain or loss, calculated from the last signal to the new signal.

“Show Trendlines?” - On/Off to show automatic Trendlines following Gainzy Lines.
“Lookback Length” - Choose a length that the automatic trendiness use for calculation. Comparable to Aggressiveness.
“Wicks//Bodies” - Change between trendiness connecting from wick to wick or from body to body.
“Black lines// Coloured lines” - Change between simply black lines or changing colour lines.

“Filter Trendlines?” - On/Off to show all trendiness or just resistance decreasing and support increasing ones.
“Limit Extensions Of The Lines?” - This value increases by how much the trendiness are being extended. 0 = endless extension, otherwise 100 = maximum custom extension.MKAST Strategy “Take Profit 1” - On/Off to show TP1 points.

“Take Profit After %” - Set the percentage after which TP1 is active.
“Take Profit 2 ” - On/Off to show TP2 points.

“Take Profit 2 After %” - Set the percentage after which TP1 is
“Take Profit 3” - On/Off to show TP3 points.

“Take Profit 3 After %” - Set the percentage after which TP1 is active.
“Second Entry” - On/Off to show Second Entry points.
 “Second Entry After %” - Set the percentage after which Second Entry is active.
“Third Entry” - On/Off to show Third Entry points.

“Third Entry After %” - Set the percentage after which Third Entry is active.
“Stop Loss” - On/Off to show Stop Loss points.

“Stop Loss After %” - Set the percentage after which Stop Loss is active.

MKAST Strategy
To make the life of the MKAST user even easier, I have added all adjustable Take Profit Points, Multiple entry points and Stop Loss points.
I have never seen a sustainable and reliable trading strategy without TPs, Multiple entry and especially without a stop loss. Everything in the usual and fully customisable MKAST style.

Simply choose how many Take Profit points you would like to have and choose the percentage after which you would like to see the Take Profit point appear on the chart and notify you to take profits.
Are you a Trader who likes Multiple Entries? Also no problem with MKAST. Select how many additional entries you would like to have and after how many percent you would like them to appear on the chart and remind you of adding to the position.
What would a Strategy be without a Stop Loss? Same settings apply here as on the TPs and MEs.

All of the settings are able to take fractions of a number as well. This enables users to even use all of the strategy settings for scalping or FX pairs, where high leverage and the smallest of moves are used for trading.
Needless to say, all of these settings work on RENKO and Heikin Ashi as well. These might need adjustment, since the calculation is different, yet there is nothing standing in the way of it anymore.

Crypto Modified Indicators
“Show Divergences?” - On/Off to show Divergences on the Chart based on the data of 10 different Algorithms.

“Show Oversold/bought?” - On/Off to change the colour of the chart in Oversold/bought conditions.
“Oversold/bought value?” - Choose a value for which the chart is Oversold/bought.

“Show Fibonacci Levels?” - On/Off to show automatic Fibonacci Levels.
“Fibonacci Lookback Lenght” - This value states how many candles from right now are taken into account to paint the Fibonacci Levels.
“Fibonacci Custom Period” - Choose a custom Timeframe that should be used to paint the Fibonacci Levels.

“2nd-7th Fibonacci Level” - Enter a value for the Fibonacci Levels you would like to use and see on the chart.

“Plot 1.618 Level?” - On/Off for the Fibonacci extension level.

Crypto Modified Indicators
“Show Bands?” - On/Off to show the TJ-Bands on the chart.
 “Bands Length” - Choose a value for the TJ-Bands Lenght

“Show Show EMA 1-3?” - On/Off to show the EMAs 1-3 on the chart.

“EMA Lenght 1-3” - Choose a value for the first to third EMA Lenght
“Show Ichimoku? ” - On/Off to show Ichimoku on the chart.
 “Show Tenkin?” - On/Off to show Tenkin on the chart. “Tenkin” - Set the lenght of the Tenkin.

“Show Kijun?” - On/Off to show Kijun on the chart.
“Kijun” - Set the lenght of the Kijun.

“Show Senkou?” - On/Off to show the Senkou on the chart. “Senkou” - Set the lenght of the Senkou.

“Displacement” - Set the value of the Displacement.
“Show Chikou Span?” - On/Off to show the Chikou Span on the chart.

Crypto Custom Indicators

In the picture above, you see the first pair of Crypto Custom Indicators. The oversold and overbought conditions are highlighted.

Bullish and Bearish divergences are also plotted on the chart.
This is personally my favourite combination of Indicators and MKAST settings. It shows nicely
everything one needs to know and makes it easier to decide wether to follow a signal or not.

We here as well a perfect example of the Automatic Fibonacci Lines (Lookback 50, Timeframe 1D).
 It shows all significant levels, which we can see being respected.
Orange = 23.6%, Green = 38.2%, Red = 50%, Yellow = 61.8%, Blue = 78.6%, White = 0%;100%

In this picture above, we observe the perfect ensemble of MKAST and an EMA strategy, especially modified for crypto markets.
Here, as by default, we have the EMAs at 21, 90 and 200. These have shown to be very significant moving support and resistance points in the crypto market.

In this picture above, I lowered the timeframe to show the highly significant levels of the Ichimoku. It has not the “usual values”. These here have been modified for the volatile crypto market and set as default.
An incredibly powerful tool for anyone who is ready to step up their trading game. It is a huge part of the MKAST back end and the strategy behind it.

MKAST Custom Alerts
MKAST without any doubt has Custom Alerts for all Signals that it is painting on the chart.
One can even choose to receive custom notifications for Take Profit points, Multiple Entry points and
the Stop Loss points.
The signals appear on the chart DURING the candle, not at the end of the candle. Therefore, the
alerts do this as well. These appear during the candle.

Here we can see all of the possible Alerts that can be chosen to be displayed. In total it is 14 different custom alerts, based on what the trader is looking for and how he is trading.
Personally, I have 10-15 coins that I trade the most and for these I have custom notifications, mostly though only the MKAST Buy/Sell and Stop Loss Signals.

To activate Alerts for MKAST, 

1) Go to the “ALERT” icon on the top tool bar of your Tradingview.

2) Select “CONDITION” as “—MKAST—“

3) Then choose ONE condition from the list of conditions.

4) On “OPTIONS” you can set how many times it appears, I have “Once per Bar”.

4.1) If you want to make sure that the signal is truly there and not just a condition for a second during the candle, choose “ONCE PER BAR CLOSE”.

5) “Expiration Time” sets the time until the alert expires. PRO users have no expiration for alerts.
 6) “Alert Actions” give you a row of choices what happens and how you want to be notified.

7) “Message” is the message that you receive inside the notification.

Thank you, Kong
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