The MATRIX: Ultimate Crypto Position Strategy

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Hi all,

We are cryptocurrency miners and 'hodlers’ since 2013, with unwavering confidence in the technology behind it. We’d always thought that it would be a life-changing êvent. And we were right. We went from “broke” to making shit loads of money and all the way back to bitter nothing. If you are lucky, you probably haven’t experienced what if feels to be high on cash and then fall very deep low, but let me reassure you, it is a nasty feeling.
Then we wondered, what the hell did we do wrong? Or better say, what didn’t we do right! The answer was dead simple: We had no experience in trading, we were overwhelmed by emotions and we didn't use any trading strategy. Hence, we were doomed to fail from the beginning.

In order to build an all-in-one profitable trading strategy, we had to start from zero. The one thing we learned is that your goal for financial gain cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency. Our prime focus was to absorb as much info as possible regarding trading and coding by doing an extensive self-study, which consequentially took us to the next level.

One of the secrets to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and undying thirst for information and knowledge. As Bruce Lee once said: “Learning is never cumulative; it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning nor end”. So, we adapted what was useful, rejected what was useless, and added our own preferences based on our mindset. We were totally committed to be the best. Our goal was never to lose money again! Of course, this is an illusion, as no single strategy is correct all of the time.

Therefore, the final trading strategy was based on the following key elements:

• The avoidance of risk is more important than absolute profit. Do not anticipate and do not move without market confirmation. Being a little late in your trade is your indication if you are right or wrong.

• Offering simplicity and practicality, for those that do not have the time to trade 24/7.

• Believe in analysis and not in forecasting. Trading is a skill for those who are smart and gambling for those who are not.

In conclusion, we are absolutely thrilled to finally release this trading strategy after one year of extensive back testing and optimization. The script was supposed to be for personal use only, but because Tradingview has helped us a lot in this process, we want to share it with all of you and give something back to this amazing community. If you learned something new today and found value, please give us a like to show your support! We’d really appreciate it.

***The script is invite-only, message us to get script access***


The MATRIX: Ultimate Crypto Position Strategy should be used as follows:

• The trading strategy was designed and optimized for trading cryptocurrencies only; furthermore it works best on established high market cap cryptocurrencies that have a clear trend such as:

• The trading strategy is based on swing/position methodology. The script must therefore be used on daily timeframe candles only (1D).

• Use USD trading pairs only (e.g. use ETHUSD instead of the ETHBTC) since the individual trend is captured more effectively and therefore gives better results.


The MATRIX:Ultimate Crypto Position Strategy is based on the following indicators:

Ichimoku Cloud; acts as the leading indicator.

Volume; without strong volume , a market move is not valid.

MACD and Vortex; both being used as confirmation indicators.

Choppiness index; avoids trading in choppy markets.

Bullish/ Bearish Regular Divergences in combination with RSI to spot tops and bottoms.

Simple and Exponential Moving Averages; prêvents trading against the trend.

The trading strategy is easy to use, trend based and without repainting, meaning once a signal has been made it is permanent and that no future data is used in the decision making. It detects the trend and filters out market noise based on more than 10 technical indicators. ONLY when all indicators align with each other the algorithm prints a BUY or SELL signal. The trading strategy provides high probability trading signals and minimizes risk! This script aims to capture the profit from longer term trending moves and by doing so filters out non-substantial trends and avoids the associated risks with these trades.


The MATRIX: Ultimate Crypto Position Strategy has the following features:

• Automatically generated Buy / Sell alerts in the form of a label.

NO Repaint once candle is closed.

SAFEGUARD; custom built-in security prevẹnts trading when the price is out of equilibrium.

Customizable Display for the Ichimoku cloud indicator display.


Below are the backtest results. Keep in mind that this strategy is quite conservative resulting in few long positions. These results are therefore no guarantee for the future.

Back test results: (only Long trades, signal to signal, order size: 100% of equity, commision fee 0.1%, period: start of chart)

Exchange-----Asset---------Timeframe---Percent Profitable----Profit Factor-----Total Trades----Max Drawdown---Average bars in trade-----Net Profit


Reminder: Use this trading strategy at your own risk and trade responsibly. We are not responsible for any financial loss using this strategy.

***The script is invite-only, message us to get script access***
Note di rilascio: Small update: Declared the max_bars_back due to script loading issues for some users. If you experience this issue reloading the script should resolve this now.
Note di rilascio: -
Note di rilascio: Update:
-Added the option to enter a stop-loss.
-Added the function to disable the Ichimoku graphics easily.
-Updated the graphics for the labels.

We will also release an Alert version of this script in which you can set alerts for each label.

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