Currency Strength Meter (by vitelot)

This script estimates the relative strength of forex major currencies.
It works in any timeframe with no input required.
The only parameter is used to smooth the curves and can be set to 1 to have the original, but noisy, signals.

Comments are welcome, and please push the like button if you find it useful.


PS Curious that this kind of indicator is not yet on tradingview, at least I could not find anything similar. Do you know any?
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A great piece of code! Thank you so much!
Wish I could get access to this code and try to play with it a bit! Buy awesome job!
vitelot kasika62
@kasika62, thank you!
I don't remember why I set it as private, I was probably playing around with settings.
Anyway, here it is, enjoy :)

study("Currency Strength Meter (by vitelot)", shorttitle="CSM")
//len = input(200, title="Length")
len = 200
smt = input(5, title="Smoothing EMA period", minval=1)

usd = security("DXY", timeframe.period, close)

myStoch(x) =>
200 * (x - lowest(x, len)) / (highest(x, len) - lowest(x, len)) - 100
Calc_inv(sec) =>
base = security(sec, timeframe.period, close) / usd
Calc_dir(sec) =>
base = usd / security(sec, timeframe.period, close)

sigEur = ema(Calc_inv("EURUSD"), smt)
sigGbp = ema(Calc_inv("GBPUSD"), smt)
sigAud = ema(Calc_inv("AUDUSD"), smt)
sigNzd = ema(Calc_inv("NZDUSD"), smt)
sigJpy = ema(Calc_dir("USDJPY"), smt)
sigCad = ema(Calc_dir("USDCAD"), smt)
sigChf = ema(Calc_dir("USDCHF"), smt)

sigUsd = ema(myStoch(usd), smt)

plot(sigUsd, title="USD", color=#ffffff, linewidth=4)
plot(sigEur, title="EUR", color=#00ffff, linewidth=3)
plot(sigGbp, title="GBP", color=#ff0000, linewidth=3)
plot(sigJpy, title="JPY", color=#ffff00, linewidth=3)
plot(sigCad, title="CAD", color=#ff00ff, linewidth=3)
plot(sigAud, title="AUD", color=#007fff, linewidth=2)
plot(sigNzd, title="NZD", color=#ff7f00, linewidth=2)
plot(sigChf, title="CHF", color=#ff007f, linewidth=2)
kasika62 vitelot
@vitelot, Thank you so much for responding and sharing the code! I really do appreciate. Stay blessed!
I did try to run the code but it gives me an error on line 10 as follows,

Add to Chart operation failed, reason: line 10: Mismatched input '200' expecting 'end of line without the line continuation'.

Could you possibly advise what I can do to solve this? Thank you so much!
vitelot kasika62
@kasika62, you need to indent these lines because they are in their respective functions:

200 * (x - lowest(x, len)) / (highest(x, len) - lowest(x, len)) - 100

base = security(sec, timeframe.period, close) / USD

base = usd / security(sec, timeframe.period, close)

Copying and pasting the code broke the indentation.
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