Volume Supply and Demand Zones

Draws supply and demand zones of 3 types, based on 3 different volume threshold parameters.
The timeframe of the script is fixed (you can change it in the options), so for example it is possible to keep Daily S/D zones while looking at 1h chart.
Script protetto
Questo script è pubblicato con codice protetto, ma puoi comunque usarlo gratuitamente. Mettendolo tra i preferiti potrai applicarlo al grafico, senza però la possibilità di visualizzare o modificare il codice sorgente.
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Hi can I haves access to the code? Thanks!
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Jb_2 Jb_2
@Jb_2, Amazing work btw.
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@Jb_2, Hello, I published the source code of my scripts on GitHub, user Heavy91
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makuchaku Heavy91
@Heavy91, Thanks for sharing the code in open source!
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Thanks for sharing!

When apply on chart, it shows blue box/dots and purple box/dots. what those level does it mean exactly?
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Heavy91 miaomiao18
@miaomiao18, I divided the zones in 3 ranges of volume (big/medium/small), each one has a different color. The purpose is trying to find where liquidity is. You can try to adjust the thresholds in settings to make them fit better the pair that you are watching.
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miaomiao18 Heavy91
@Heavy91, I only saw 2 colors in my screenshot, what's the 3rd color(apart from blue and purple)?
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iggyyggi86 Heavy91
@Heavy91, Hey and which color stands for big, which medium and which small?
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Heavy91 iggyyggi86
big = aqua
mid = teal
small = navy
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CryptoeJim Heavy91
@Heavy91, ok how do you utilize the meaning of these? Like if its purple what would that mean and would would be the likely move?
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