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Volume Delta: Volume Delta is an indicator that simplifies how you analyze trading volumes and the percentage of buy-sell activities effortlessly.

As a trader or market analyst, understanding underlying volume and trade flows is critical. The Volume Delta indicator provides thorough insight into both the total volume and the percentage of buying versus selling within the current candlestick. This information is pivotal for those looking to gauge market momentum and sentiment more effectively.

Additionally, the Volume Delta indicator can plot the candlestick colors based on the percentage of the dominant buying or selling volume. The area between the open and close prices of the candlestick is considered 100% and fills with colors corresponding to the predominant volume at that percentage.

Volume Delta also integrates the concept of Net volume. This component is crucial as it reveals the real market sentiment by calculating the difference between the volume of trades executed at an uptick and those at a downtick.


This indicator now displays in two layouts. Recently, Tradingview introduced the "force_overlay=true" function in Pine Script, allowing plots to be moved to the main chart. Thus, all displays are from the same indicator.


From the data displayed in 'plot.style_columns', the peak area represents the entire volume, accounting for 100%. Within this area, there are two color levels indicating volume. If one type of volume, whether buying or selling, exceeds the other, the larger volume will be positioned behind and the smaller in front. This arrangement prevents the scenario where a higher buying volume obscures the smaller selling volume. Therefore, the two colors can be switched between the front and the back as needed.

As you can see, the 12 and 26-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) are used, with the Volume Confirmation Length set at 6. Therefore, the crossing of the EMAs proceeds normally, but it is highlighted with three triangular arrows to indicate a high likelihood of a valid crossover. However, if the volume is insufficient, these markers won't be displayed, although the EMA crossover will still occur as usual. This can be useful for using volume to verify the significance of the EMA crossover.


If you enable the label, please be aware that the chart size will shrink, causing the candlestick display to become unclear. Therefore, you might need to select "Logarithmic" at the bottom right of your screen, or for mobile applications, press and hold on the price scale and choose "Logarithmic" to adjust the scale appropriately.

Note di rilascio:
- Add EMA alert
- Add volume option
- Improve plot display
Note di rilascio:
- Fixed Alert Errors
- Support for Multiple Notifications in a Single Setting
- Added Volume, Percent, and Net Information Displayed in the Table Integrated with Notifications

Note di rilascio:
Minor adjustments


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