Ichimoku Cloud Master

Ichimoku Cloud Master aims to provide the ichimoku trader with easy alert functionality to not miss out on valuable trade setups. The key purpose of this script is to better visualise crucial moments in Ichimoku trading. These alerts should not be used for botting in my opinion as they always need a human to confirm the ichimoku market structure. For example, is the Kijun-Sen flat and too far away from price? A good ichimoku trader will not enter at such a point in time.

Explanation of script:
Chikou(lagging span): pink line, this is price plotted 26 bars ago. People ignore the power of this it is crucial to see how chikou behaves towards past price action as seen in the chart below where we got an entry at red arrow because chikou bounced from past fractal bottom.

Kijun-Sen(base line): Black line or color coded line. This is the equilibrium of last 26 candles. To me this is the most important line in the system as it attracts price.
Kijun = (Highest high of 26 periods + Lowest low of 26 periods) ÷ 2

Tenkan-Sen(conversion line): Blue line. This is the equilibrium of last 9 candles. In a strong uptrend price stays above this line.
Tenkan = (Highest high of 9 periods + Lowest low of 9 periods) ÷ 2

Senkou A (Leading span A)= Pink cloud line, this is the average of the 2 components projected 26 bars in the future.
Senkou A = (Tenkan + Kijun) ÷ 2

Senkou B (Leading span B) = Green cloud line, this is the 52 day equilibrium projected 26 bars in the future.
Senkou B = (Highest high of prior 52 periods + Lowest low of prior 52 periods) ÷ 2

Notice how the distance between Chikou and the cloud is also 52 bars. This is all part of Hosoda's numbers which I am not going to explain here.

Fractals: These are the black triangles you find at key turning point. If you want to know how they work reseach williams fractals. I've used fractals with a period of 9 as it is an ichimoku number. These fractals are useful when working with ichimoku wave theory. Again I will not explain that here but in further education

Fractal Support: Ability to extend lines from the fractals which can be used as an entry/exit mechanism in your trading. For example wait for tenkan to cross kijun and then enter on fractal breakout.

Crossing of Chikou (lagging span) with past Kijun-Sen: this will color code the Bars / Kijun-Sen (you can turn this off in options)
The script also has a signal for this, this will be the green and purple diamonds. Where green is bullish and purple is bearish.
wy is this important?
When current price plotted 26 candles back (chikou) crosses over the past equilibrium (kijun-sen) this usualy means price has moved past resistance levels where sellers come in. This indicates a switch in market structure and price is bullish from this point, this is the same in the other direction.

Kumo Twist: when the kumo cloud (future) has a crossover from for example green to red (bull to bear). The script plots these using the colored cross symbols as seen in the picture above. A chikou cross + a Kumo twist at same bar of next to eachother below the cloud can be a great entry sign: this would be an entry after cross in the chart above.

Kijun Bounce: when in an uptrend the price retraces back to Kijun-Sen and starts to go back up. These are marked by the yellow circles as seen in chart below:
low below Kijun-Sen and close above it

Strong Trend: when Tenkan is above Kijun, price above cloud, future cloud green, chikou above close, chikou above Kijun we establish a strong bullish trend. For bearish the exact opposite. The script has a function to send an alert at the start of such trends and to plot them with small colored circles above the bars.

I've added options to disable specific aspects of the indicator for those traders who do not want to use all aspects of the indicator. In the customisation tab I've given each part a clear title so you can use your own colors/shapes.

The perfect entry?

Further info:
Look into my education pane, I will be adding education in the future. The chance of me making a more advanced version of the script including line forecasting etc is rather high so watch out for that.

For those who want to master this system I recommend reading the book:
How to make money with the ichimoku system by Balkrishna M. Sadekar
Or the originals books by Hosoda the inventor of Ichimoku if you can get your hands on them and can read Japanese.
Almost all info about the ichimoku system you find on the internet will lose you money because they reduce the system to simple signals that do not generate money.
I will be providing educational material on tradingview using this indicator.

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