ALMA Crossover [FXPDM]

I created this new version of EMA crossing by replacing it with ALMA , Please take into consideration that the cross signal may occur during the candle. I advise waiting until the candle is close.
I used EMA crossing signals to adapt this code and turn it into an ( Arnaud Legoux Moving Average) ALMA Cross.
I expect it to bring a better signal that an EMA cross, let me know your comments and use under your own risk. this is just an experimental idea.
Long: Get into a long trade when the short moving average crosses up the long moving average.
Short: Get into a short trade when the short moving average crosses down the long moving average.
I recommend using it alongside a volume indicator to avoid sideways trends.
Exit at your own convenience or when the trend direction changes. I recommend using it in 4H and 1D charts.

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hi, is it possible to make an "static option" on this

for example - if i make settings on 5 min tf-- they will be visible on the rest tf ( if settins 8 short 34 long on 5 min - this crosses and lines will appear on 1 min tf or 4 htf

sincerely alex
FXPDM justclueless123
HI, I hope I'm understanding your question as intendent, I don't think I have the Pine coding ability yet to make that happen, I don't even know if is possible. but I’m pretty sure that if you go to your smaller TF and draw a visible enough mark (line, cross, price range, etc.) you will be able to see it in all your TF.
@FXPDM, ok, tnx - if you search following ema\sma.... you will see that he succeed to make something similar with sma

// @version=3
// authors Bubsan, Silkheat, 2019 //
// EMA SMA MultiCombo 2.0 //

study(title="EMA SMA MultiCombo 2.0", shorttitle="EMA/SMA", overlay = true)
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