Crypto Turtle - Trend Following Strategy

This represents a bot I have written that uses a heavily modified version of the Turtle strategy for cryptocurrency trading. This is meant to be traded on the 4 Hour candlestick . This strategy doesn't 100% accurately reflect the bot due to limitations of pinescript. The actual bot enters on the signal much faster, detects bitcoin price rally and adjust its positions accordingly, follows all pairs traded on poloniex at once.

I am publishing this strategy here to gauge interest, and may list the bot on bitcointalk in the future for sale.
Note di rilascio: This update adds some plot lines to show where the strategy is entering and leaving. Buys when crossing the Green line sell once the red line is touched.
Note di rilascio: New update with more refinement on entry and exit of trade. Only enter if green up arrow and green line has been crossed. Exit when either crossing the red line or arrow turns into a red down arrow.
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Hi, Can I have access to the script please?
Hi, I'd like to test & play around this script if possible, please.

Very nice job. Please let me test and use it. Thank you
Nice script. Please let me use it. Thank you
Hi - just found your script and wondering if you are still using/developing it. I'm also trading on Turtle strategy but currently just have a spreadsheet set up which imports the data from the bitfinex API. Keen to know more about the modifications you made to the strategy. Cheers.
Did you ever decide to make a paid version of the bot?
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For some coins I'm getting a "no data" message in the strategy tester. EOS/USDT on binance for example. Any idea why? Thanks!
Cna I please have access? Thanks!

Can i have access for your script.

Thank you
May I please have access?
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