TBT Stop Loss Hunting Alert

The TBT Stop Loss Hunting Alert is a simple early warning system that indicates when Bitcoin could have unexpected volatility (in either direction) within a 24 to 48 hour time frame as you can see above (indicated by the red bar/column in the indicator lane). By knowing when there could be possible upcoming volatility for the price of Bitcoin , traders can take preventative measures to protect open positions to preserve profits.

Time Frame:
While you can view this indicator on any time frame, it was originally created with the 6-hour time frame in mind. Because of this, the indicator can be set to "same as symbol" (the indicator will adapt to any time frame you use) or "6 hours" (the original and intended time frame). Please understand that the alert will show "noise" (false positive signals) on faster (lower) time frames. This is another reason to keep the indicator on the 6-hour time frame in its settings.

The TBT Stop Loss Hunting Alert looks at sudden/unexpected changes in price action, volatility , and volume .

Realistic Expectations:
While this indicator is effective in alerting users when there could be sudden volatility for Bitcoin , note that there is no way to know which way Bitcoin will move after the alert is triggered. The frequency of alerts is few and far between, but in a way this is a good thing. When the signal is triggered, it is a great early warning system to remember to be careful for the next 24 to 48 hours.
Note di rilascio: Revision: Missing instructions on how to access this indicator. Please use the link below to obtain access to this indicator.
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