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PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE PURCHASING & USING THE FOMO INDICATOR. Saves you and me some time in emails and messages. :)

This is the NEW MONTHLY ACCESS Version of the Crypto FOMO Strategy
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1 Month access is set at $25

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The FOMO Buy Sell Indicator is a very specific strategy, cut down to its roots and made perfect for the volatile crypto market.
Many indicators focus only on one aspect, one side, one specific rule. As you know, this is not how life, the market or anything else works.

FOMO combines many different aspects at the same time, scans multiple other indicators and comes to a conclusion based on over 950 lines of code.

It is based on Divergences, Elliott Waves , Ichimoku , MACD , MACD Histogram, RSI , Stoch , CCI , Momentum, OBV, DIOSC, VWMACD, CMF and multiple EMAs.

Every single aspect is weighted into the decision before giving out an indication.
Most buy/sell indicators FAIL because they try to apply the same strategy to every single chart, which
are as individual as humans.

To conquer this problem, FOMO has a wide range of settings and variables which can be easily

To make it a true strategy, FOMO has as well settings for Take Profit Points, Multiple Entries and Stop Losses. Everything with an Alert Feature of course.

I know from experience that many people take one indicator and are simply too LAZY to add multiple indicators to make a rational choice.

The result of that is that they lose money, by following blatantly only one indicator.
FOMO has additional 7 indicators, perfect for the crypto market, which can be turned on and off.

FOMO Signals Settings

“Show Signals?” - On/Off to show the Buy/Sell Signals. “Aggressiveness” - Increase to make the signals less aggressive
and decrease to make them more aggressive.
“Show Custom FOMO Timeframe?” - On/Off to show FOMO Signals of a different timeframe in addition to the normal ones.
“Custom FOMO Timeframe?” - Choose the timeframe for the custom FOMO signals.
“Use Safe FOMO?” - On/Off to show only “safe” (less but more exact) FOMO signals.
“Safe FOMO Sells” - Settings for the “safe” FOMO Sell Signals. Decrease number for “less safe” Signals.
Increase number for “more safe” Signals.
“Safe FOMO Buys” - Settings for the “safe” FOMO Buy Signals. Decrease number for “more safe” Signals.
Increase number for “less safe” Signals.

FOMO Strategy Settings

“Take Profit 1 ” - On/Off to show TP1 points.
“Take Profit After %” - Set the percentage after which TP1 is
“Take Profit 2 ” - On/Off to show TP2 points.
“Take Profit 2 After %” - Set the percentage after which TP2 is active.
“Take Profit 3 ” - On/Off to show TP3 points.
“Take Profit 3 After %” - Set the percentage after which TP3 is
“Second Entry” - On/Off to show Second Entry points.
“Second Entry After %” - Set the percentage after which Second Entry is active.
“Third Entry ” - On/Off to Third Entry points.
“Third Entry After %” - Set the percentage after which Third
Entry is active.
“Stop Loss ” - On/Off to show Stop Loss points.
“Take Profit After %” - Set the percentage after which Stop Loss is active.

The FOMO Lifeguard is a special feature made to cancel out the “noice” of the signals and show only signals with a great technical significance.

For this FOMO uses the default settings of +7 and - 7. This references to an index value of multiple settings of almost all indicators used in this script.

+7 cuts out all sell signals below the index value of 7.
- 7 cuts out all buy signals above the index value of - 7.
Using the FOMO Lifeguard is a key element for a sustainable and profitable strategy.

As the normal FOMO Signals, the Lifeguard Signals are also bound to the “Aggressiveness”. Should the cut out of signals with the Lifeguard on be too big, try adjusting the “Aggressiveness”.

With this, once can choose and make this indicator PERFECT for his own strategy and trading style. Day Traders would use no “Lifeguard” and aggressive signals.

Swing Traders would use “Lifeguard” and aggressive signals.
To make the life of the FOMO user even easier, I have added all adjustable Take Profit Points, Multiple entry points and Stop Loss points.

Simply choose how many Take Profit points you would like to have and choose the percentage after which you would like to see the Take Profit point appear on the chart and notify you to take profits.
Are you a Trader who likes multiple entries? Also no problem with FOMO. Select how many additional entries you would like to have and after how many percent you would like them to appear on the chart and remind you of adding to the position.

What would a Strategy be without a Stop Loss? Same settings apply here as on the TPs and MEs .

Crypto Modified Indicators

“Show Divergences?” - On/Off to show Divergences on the Chart based on the data of 10 different indicators.
“Show Custom Divergences?” - On/Off to show Divergences on the chart of a custom timeframe.
“Custom Divergence Timeframe?” - Choose the Timeframe for which the Custom Divergences should appear on the chart.
“Show Oversold/bought?” - On/Off to change the colour of the chart in Oversold/bought conditions.
“Oversold/bought value?” - Choose a value for which the chart is Oversold/bought.
“Show Fibonacci Levels?” - On/Off to show automatic Fibonacci Levels.
“Fibonacci Lookback Lenght” - This value states how many candles from right now are taken into account to paint the Fibonacci Levels.
“Fibonacci Lookback Lenght” - Choose a custom Timeframe that should be used to paint the Fibonacci Levels.

Crypto Modified Indicators 2

“Show EMAs?” - On/Off to show three EMAs on the chart, after the example of @Teddycleps
“EMA Lenght 1” - Choose a value for the first EMA Lenght
“EMA Lenght 2 ” - Choose a value for the second EMA Lenght.
“EMA Lenght 3” - Choose a value for the third EMA Lenght.
The area between the first and third EMA is filled. Is EMA1 above 21, it’s filled green. Is it below, it’s filled red.
“Show Ichimoku? ” - On/Off to show Ichimoku on the chart.
“Show Tenkin?” - On/Off to show Tenkin on the chart.
“Tenkin” - Set the lenght of the Tenkin.
“Show Kijun?” - On/Off to show Kijun on the chart.
“Kijun” - Set the lenght of the Kijun.
“Show Senkou?” - On/Off to show the Senkou on the chart. “Senkou” - Set the lenght of the Senkou.
“Displacement” - Set the value of the Displacement.
“Show ZIG ZAG Lines?” - On/Off to show ZigZag Lines on the chart, used to identify short-term trends and EW counts.
“ZZ Lenght 1” - Set the first lenght of the ZigZag Lines.
“ZZ Lenght 2” - Set the second lenght of the ZigZag Lines.

FOMO without any doubt has Custom Alerts for all Signals that it is painting on the chart. This goes for the “Normal Signals” as well as for the “Lifeguard Signals”.
One can even choose to receive custom notifications for Take Profit points, Multiple Entry points and the Stop Loss points.
The signals appear on the chart DURING the candle, not at the end of the candle. Therefore, the alerts do this as well. These appear during the candle.

Here we can see all of the possible Alerts that can be chosen to be displayed. In total it is 30 different custom alerts, based on what the trader is looking for and how he is trading.
Personally, I have 10-15 coins that I trade the most and for these I have custom notifications, mostly though only the SAFE FOMO Buy and Sell Signals.

To activate Alerts for FOMO

1) Go to the “ALERT” icon on the top tool bar of your Tradingview.
2) Select “CONDITION” as “—Crypto FOMO Strategy—“
3) Then choose ONE condition from the list of conditions.
4) On “OPTIONS” you can set how many times it appears, I have “Once per Bar”.
4.1) If you want to make sure that the signal is truly there and not just a condition for a second during the candle, choose “ONCE PER BAR CLOSE”.
5) “Expiration Time” sets the time until the alert expires. PRO users have no expiration for alerts.
6) “Alert Actions” give you a row of choices what happens and how you want to be notified.
7) “Message” is the message that you receive inside the notification.


FOMO has been created after my goal to #MakeCryptoProfessionalAgain. Every aspect of it has its own and very specific use, which traders have shown to find useful in their trading.
This Indicator is meant to help new and experienced traders to understand the various aspects of this market and access all of the most important and most commonly used tools, with JUST ONE CLICK.
FOMO should be used responsibly and treated as an indicator. Signals, scripts, algorithms can NEVER be 100% exact. It is up to the trader to make a well thought and educated decision, wether to follow a signal or not. Our brains are way more advanced than any indicator and algorithm.
I advise especially for this reason to have not just the signals turned on. Please do not use the SAME settings for each chart. Look which Aggressiveness and Lifeguard Settings fit your chart the most, you will be amazed how well some charts work with FOMO.
FOMO should NOT make you FOMO into a trade anymore. It should teach you to make more educated decisions and especially for margin trading reduce the risk of liquidation.
Should you have problems with being liquidated multiple times, I advise to use the “STOP LOSS” function.
Most importantly, enjoy the indicator and trading in general.
Note di rilascio:
Welcome again!

Finally version 2 of the Crypto FOMO Strategy is out now!

It is now released from all of its bugs we had with custom timeframes, Heikin Ashi and Renko Charts.

FOMO Version 2 is all about upholding the name of WORLDs NR1 Tradingview BUY and SELL INDICATOR.

It is the MOST ADVANCED and most accurate Indicator in the whole market.

Check below what was added and removed.


- Backtesting
- Labels
- Info Panel
- Bitmex Panel
- Automatic Trendlines
- TJ-Index
- Custom Agg
- Fibonacci Customization
- EMA Customization


- Custom Timeframes
- ZigZag

I have also changed the settings menu with a slightly new design and new default settings.

Check out the website below to gain access and read the new manual!!

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