Bitcoin Stock to Flow Multiple (fixed)

This is a fixed version of the original script by yomofoV:

I fixed the variable assignments and added switching of timeframes over indicator inputs.

To switch timeframes click on the indicator, open its settings and switch the timeframe to either monthly, weekly or daily.
Note di rilascio: Update: Thx to the tip from yomofoV the input is not needed anymore. The timeframe now changes automatically with the chart timeframe.
Note di rilascio: Huge credit goes of course to planB on twitter ( ) for developing the stock to flow model for bitcoin.
Check out his great blog post here:
Note di rilascio: I created a seperate S2F Model Value indicator so you are able to put the S2F Multiple and S2F Model Value into two seperate panes.
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"Release Notes: I created a seperate S2F Model Value indicator so you are able to put the S2F Multiple and S2F Model Value into two seperate panes. "

How do we find this one?

And the main indicator itself I can't get to display on the chart for some reason.
mexxer Bender_bb
@Bender_bb, click on the chart right underneath that sentence you quoted :) TradingView converts links to charts
Or on your chart just click on indicators and search for "Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model Value"

What timeframe do you have selected?
Keep in mind that the indicator only works on monthly, weekly and daily timeframes.
+1 Rispondi
@mexxer, Thanks :)
Hi great work, thanks for doing this. Is there a data series in trading view that would let me chart this back to 2009?
mexxer Degoon
@Degoon, thx!

Not sure there is. The best I could find is the BLX (Brave New Coin Liquid Index for Bitcoin) which dates back to July 2010
*****try substituting the code below into your script, it should give the correct values without having to manually adjust indicator settings
*****it does not need the timeFrame variable. previously, I had a bunch of excess code specifying the time frame because I couldn't figure out why my data values were coming out wrong. it was the := syntax for reassigning a variable.

stock = security("QUANDL:BCHAIN/TOTBC", period, close)

btcprice = security("QUANDL:BCHAIN/MKPRU", period, close)
mexxer yomofoV
@yomofoV, oh cool! Thx for the tip. I missed that.
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