Dotenslayer : An open range breakouts method indicator for bot

This script shows the long and short points of certain Japanese bots like 'DotenKun' which use open range breakouts method.
Searching recent 18 bars as default and shows the range calculated with a factor (default k = 1.6). You can edit this condition by yourself.

When filled the long or short conditions, also shows the indicator on the price chart to help your trading on BTC .
Also, this script can make alarm events related to those conditions.

This script only works for BTCUSD , XBTUSD , BTCJPY , FXBTCJPY with 1H time span.

Disclaimer :
I don't own the source code of the certain bots and I didn't directly reference the source code of it.
So which means, I don't guarantee this script works as same as the bots works.
Also, I didn't mean to disturb their trading bot businesses.

Your donations are welcome! :
ETH : 0x5E270c3667E65ba6158D292a98c5b54F81AfCAf1
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