Oil in backwardation could revert

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looking to short this spread at the line and arrow, these can be ugly, but also very nice and use very little buying power.
Ask me if like more details
This trade is considered done we have got a return of 50% of buying power used, and made $ 450.00 in a few days, i will remain holding a small bit but will not post anymore on this trade
This trade using only $672 of buying power and right now is trading with a $270 gain, closing now would give a very nice ROI and I would not consider wrong, I will however be holding for a bit long just to see what it can do. In the event you went with size greater than 1 closing half would be a prudent idea.
I sold march and bought dec. and will will probably think about taking profit anything over $120, its already at $100
So bought March and sold Dec. was what I wrote.......I think we are saying the same thing? What is the max profit/loss? Thanks
you have the direction backwards, when I sate i am shorting I short front and long back, and the BPR is $672.00
Alley, From the chart it looks like you bought the March contract and sold the Dec...? (CLM2018-CLZ2017) I would be curious what the buying power reduction is on this trade was and if there was any particular reason you selected March when oil has monthly contracts? I would guess liquidity in the front month starts drying up around some certain time, but not sure if oil is better/worse than other futures in general. Looking forward to see how you manage this and when you will add or adjust to this trade.
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