oil calendar may set up once again

if my signal generator stays on the short and this pair moves back into the .30 i will be shorting this pair once again. so far has been a 100% winning idea.
Commento: short at 3.34
Commento: as a side note all 6 of the markets i track for these day trades post produced down signals yesterday. I will not be posting any trades here this time just do not have the time
Commento: 60% return in a couple days is worth managing very aggressively or just close out, i will take profit on all contracts except 1, will keep one on to wee what happens
Commento: 2.65 from 3.3 = 65 ticks a very nice trade and still no pressure so still holding 1
Commento: I am running a profit stop at the $400 per contract spot and see if we keep dropping
Commento: i am still holding a small bit of this trade but will be taking profit on it on any sign or an up move so will now drop coverage, so please manage responsibly.
Commento: the one runner i held on this is now up 146% ROC fantastic trade, stop now at 100% level 2.34
When price hit your stop, I sure hope you went Long! Great short trading back there.
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