We are heading down to the 200 EMA (low $16s) on the 4hr chart

NASDAQ:INO   Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc
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I expect a trend reversal once we hit the 200 EMA (golden line on bottom) with a slow climb back up. I am labeling this as a Long because it is bearish only for short term. The Stoch RSI has more room to move towards the oversold side but it should not be for more than a day, two max. I expect us to reverse trend from there and move on up with resistance close to $18, $18.90, and finally mid $19s. A close above mid $19s will be really good for long term. I have buys set at $16.30, $16, and $15.80 range. This is not financial advice. Just my opinion based on my analysis of the charts.

Commento: No more updates. This thing got wrecked after the ER and lack of updates.


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